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Since the time I heard that Karan Johar was coming out with his book, I was the most excited soul on this earth and my husband made it all the more special by gifting this to me on Lohri!

But to my dismay, it’s a hell of a smart one played by one of my favourite Bollywood directors (not for his work but for the person that he comes across on screen), for his book has absolutely nothing to offer.

By his own admission on The Most Desirable, a chat show hosted by the yesteryear actress Simi Garewal, Karan had conceded that if he were to write a book then it would only be published after his death. And since we already have one in our hand with him being alive, I think the writing was pretty much there on the wall.

So, if you are a serious gossip monger then you will be in for a huge disappointment as there is neither any dope on the sex life of actors nor any relationship status of who’s who of Bollywood. There is only silence peppered with quotes like “I told Kareena oncethat she secretly writes for Pinkvilla.”

I mean, I really don’t need to buy a book worth Rs 700 to know this! It’s a universally known fact for God’s sake!

Why does the guy, who looks and sounds like a fire brand on the couch reads so lame is something I seriously fail to understand.

Honestly, I think the problem is actually the guy himself , for he has exposed himself to the media so much that now, every piece of information he attempts to give out is stale. In fact, most of the incidents he has talked about in the book actually belong to the pre-dinosaur era.  Take, for example of Kajol tripping over in every film being a lucky sign for him. Then how he struggled to find a desirable cast for the role of Tina in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

He puts out every mundane information in the public domain. So there’s hardly anything new that he could put to paper unless its really scandalous!

How many of you have heard about the bonding between SRK, Kajol and Karan in DDLJ? Almost everyone. Even the Kajol episode, he has so cleverly touched upon the issue that he ended up sending social media into a tizzy without stirring a controversy. To quote him, “The problem was actually never between her and me. It was between her husband and me. I want to keep it at that. I don’t really want to say what really transpired”

At this point , I really feel cheated since I obviously didn’t by a Karan Johar book to study PhD. Of course, I need some juice which he is so reluctant to release in the book.

The book, however, does manage to do justice to your money in parts where he talks about his journey with his late father, the mother’s eternal worries about Karan’s career, marriage et al.

But I must say that I really like some of the candid confessions he’s made in the book. For example, how he wanted to direct Kal Ho Na Ho (Kaan wrote the story) half way though but did not have the heart to go up to his assistant director, Nikhil Advani and say it to him.

In hindsight, I think we should give him the credit where its due. The guy is still very much part of the industry. Perhaps, we would have to wait for him to retire before he pens down a Khullam Khulla or drums up a Shotgun Sinha!

A chapter on Shah Rukh Khan though reads honest and genuine. Though he hasn’t said what caused the fissure between the two but he has tried to touch upon the issue in as many words. To quote him. “I think we were two hurt friends for no reason.”

All in all, the book is just about your average Joe, nothing stunning about it.