The aroma specialist


“What have you applied? The whole room smells so nice,” said my husband, who had just returned from work. “It’s Wiccan magic,” I replied smilingly!

Only recently, when I met the beautiful aromatherapist and founder of the brand Wikka,  Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, at the Southall Cafe in the heart of Delhi, I was immediately taken in by her warm persona, or perhaps, blame the essential oils that she might have sprinkled over herself, for everyone just listened to her in rapt attention.

“Actually, the original term is Wicca, which means  the good witch,” smiles Rupal while elaborating on her brand.

Married into a family of royal lineage, Rupal’s interest in aromas and fragrances grew while observing her grandmother who would use varied spices and herbs for beauty treatments. “When a lady gets pregnant in our household, she is bathed with buttermilk and rose petals,” says Rupal.

However, a software professional by education, Rupal discovered her passion only after marriage when she flew to London where she pursued an advanced course to understand the nuances of fragrant healing.

Married into a Bijnaur royal family, Rupal rediscovered her connect with nature and its beauty and fragrance. She says, “My husband belongs to a royal family in Bijnaur, UP. They have mango plantations (mainly Langras and Chausa mangoes) spread over 500 acres.  “In our household, pregnant ladies would go to the hills for the whole duration but since I had an issue , we stayed put on our farm in Bijnour,” says Rupal.

While staying there during my pregnancy, she was surrounded by herbs like chamomile and rose plants. “I am also quite prone to allergies but to my surprise, I did not experience even a single bout of allergy during my stay on the farm,” she adds.

She then started reading books and journals and discovered the uses, healing powers and benefits of different kinds of herbs and how to use them. And while she was scouring the library in her ancestral home, she stumbled upon the book called Wiccan Magic. “And that’s where the name of my brand came from,” says the healer.

For Rupal, travelling takes up most of her time  as she procures procures authentic essential oils and apparatus from countries such as France, Germany, Morocco, and Dubai. “Customisation of perfumes is such a popular concept abroad and is gradually picking up in India too. I go there to stay updated on matters related to aromatherapy as it is a very mature market,” says Rupal.

And now, her two sons have taken a liking to her range of aromas as well. “They have created their own concoction of fragrance –  a mix of vanilla essence, chocolates and orange extracts,” says Rupal with a sense of pride.

While she retails through her website, Rupal has recently launched her studio in Delhi on MG Road, Ghitorni.

“If you go to our website, we have something called the Virtual Clinic where in people from across the country can take a personalised consultation to discuss their problem with ,” says Rupal. She adds: “They just need to fill in a form so that I can analyse their requirements / problems and suggest a suitable product or make a personalised blend for them to use.”

Though what I was amazed to know was that she is also working with some patients suffering from auto-immune diseases. “I have a patient who has Rheumatoid arthritis. Within months of working with her, her reports came pretty fine. That’s the magic of  essential oils, ” says Rupal. She adds: ” Even ff your child is a bit cranky just sprinkle a dash of jasmine or lavender oil and trust me, he will magically become calm.”

Well, I say it’s worth trying her products. All ingredients are either pure essential oils or are derived from the plant and mineral kingdom.

For info on prices and offers, do visit her site at


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